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What is the process of investing in multifamily real estate?
At Unify Capital, we work with operators who are looking to fund a multifamily real estate acquisition through syndication. We raise capital for the equity stack and contribute our funds as limited partners. We also participate as general partners and key principals by signing onto the loan.
Who can put their money into Unify Capital multifamily investments?

Unify Capital is currently available to U.S. citizens or residents ages 18 and up. We comply and follow all SEC guidelines.

There is a lot of work that goes into being a landlord, from finding tenants and collecting rent to maintaining the property. Who does all of this work?
We invest in areas where rent growth is achievable through appreciation, effective property management, or renovating units. Our operators are either vertically integrated with their property management team or we work with the best property managers local to the investment area.
Why is investing in Multifamily a good idea?
Multifamily properties are large apartment complexes that investors can purchase. By doing so, they often generate higher returns than single-family residences while also enjoying the professional management and other benefits of owning a commercial property, including amazing tax benefits.
How much of the property do I own as a limited partner (LP)?
As a limited partner, your ownership percentage is directly correlated to how much you invest.