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About Unify Capital Co

Founder | Stephen Steric

Stephen is a real estate investor and business owner with a wealth of experience in the industry. He has a passion for helping people achieve their financial goals by investing in real estate and strives to make sure each investment is a sound one.

With an extensive background in multi-family and commercial properties, Stephen knows how to identify lucrative investments and provide clients with high returns. He also has a strong financial acumen and a deep understanding of the markets. Stephen is committed to educating those around him and helping them succeed in the real estate space.

Besides Stephens’ real estate accomplishments, he plays a key role in helping businesses secure employee retention credits.

He educates companies and guide them to easily claim these financial rewards for retaining staff during tough times like COVID-19.

His commitment and tailored strategies have aided many businesses, underscoring his dedication to the community and belief in the value of every job.